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Default unique isoform detection using IsoSeq

Hi all,

I launched Iso-Seq on my RNA data (D. melanogaster). My aim is to see how many isoforms per gene are there in my sample. I am following the tutorial on github.

The Iso-Seq pipeline being completed, now I got the output in two folders: Cluster (for consensus isoforms) and Classify (for "real" sequenced isoforms).

I would need somebody to guide me in the interpretation of these folder content, since it is my first experience with Iso-Seq. I think that unique full-lenght (non-chimeric) isoforms in folder Classify are those reported in file: isoseq_flnc.fa and the unique consensus full-length in folder Cluster are reported in file: polished_high_qv_consensus_isoforms.fastq.
Is this correct?

How can I link the isoforms to the gene? Shall I blast it?

Many thanks for the help!
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