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Default Announcement of the Test Program for Spike-In RNA Variants (SIRVs)

Lexogen has developed Spike-In RNA Variants (SIRVs) for the quantification of mRNA isoforms in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The SIRVs address the issue of the lack of the transcript spike-in controls of representative complexity for evaluation of RNA-Seq steps. These are 69 artificial transcript variants derived from 7 human model genes, which were extended by exemplary isoforms to comprehensively reflect known variations of alternative splicing, alternative transcription start- and end-sites, overlapping genes and antisense transcription. Moreover, the SIRVs sequences were modified to conform to the GT-AG exon-intron junction rule with few exceptions harboring the less frequently occurring natural variations GC-AT and AT-AC.

The SIRVs are already available for testing. Thus, if you want to evaluate your existing RNA-Seq pipeline and/or explore new experimental approaches, be it in library preparation, sequencing and/or data analysis, you can already include the SIRVs into upcoming experiments of your interest. The aim of this Test Program is to obtain a broad test base with respect to input material, library preparation, sequencing platform / sequencing modes, as well as the subsequent data processing routine. All participants should profit from this broad test scope, which excels the capacity of individual facilities.

For more details and application for the Test Program please visit the webpage

If you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting us at
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