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Default Nvidia drivers login loop plus flickering/blinking screen-Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

Got stuck in the login loop. I hard restarted the computer....went into the terminal and was having some path issues (I wanted to uninstall nvidia drivers). Ended up rebooting thru the terminal--it took me to the option of restarting in recovery mode, which I did. However, now when I try to go back into the terminal (ctl+alt+F3), the screen is blinking/flickering. So it is very difficult to enter in my username, not to mention the impossibility of typing in the password.

What can I do to fix this or at least get back into the terminal? I'll note that this all happened immediately after a MinIon run stopped, so if there's any way/need to do a backup, that would be great, too.

Also, if you have any permanent ways to fix the nvidia drivers--I'm all ears.
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