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Default crustacean small RNA library QC

Hi, everyone,

We're trying for the first time to prepare small RNA libraries for our crustacean model, and we're using the NEBNext small RNA kit. We just finished running the PCR products (before size selection) on BioAnalyzer. The trace looks very different than what I expected, but I only have the kit manual as reference. Mostly, I am confused by the very strong fragment at ~288 bp. The small RNAs are expected to be enriched at ~143-147, so my guess is that the peak at 150 is what I want.

Has anyone seen this? The concentration of the 150 peak is high enough for sequencing. So I am assuming I can just proceed with size-selection of that peak and be fine, unless someone has experienced this pattern and can comment whether my libraries failed and should not be sequenced.

Thanks for any feedback!
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