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- PGM : 10Mb (314 chip), 100Mb (316 chip), 1Gb (318 chip)
- MiSeq : 680Mb (2X100), 1Gb (2X150)
- GS Junior : 1Gb, 500bp max by amplicon

I have to correct your GS Junior statement:

The instrument produces on average 100.000 reads and 35 Mb per run. But I heard if you really have an extremely good library you can push it to almost 50 Mb... I got with 80k reads 38 Mb out once...

But I think that is the maximum of the GS Junior. The longer read lengths announced for 454 sequencing (700-1000) will only be available with a hardware upgrade to the big version.

I think you have to be careful when setting "read length" == "total output". Especially for de novo the read length is very important as you will need more coverage with shorter reads (e.g. Sanger =>7X, 454 =>20X, Illumina =>30X). Increases in read length will shift the numbers left... I am also not sure if you can really solve all problems of de novo assemblies using mate pair/paired end sequencing of short reads...
But for standard stuff like amplicons or short read mapping or experiments where you really need coverage you should go for PGM or MiSeq... probably PGM...
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