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Originally Posted by robs View Post
We still need content for "Use Cases and Success Stories" and "Outlook and Perspective".
On the topic of open access I have located some current thinking of relevance to discussing the forum but it will likely take some additional time to obtain correct permission from the authors and to apply some comparative analysis. My sense is that there is limited time and space at this point for inclusion of this material here.

On the other hand, if there is a decision to include accurate details on the country participation to illustrate the support for open science demonstrated here, I would suggest that SEQanswers/authors propose undertaking periodic updates of this metric to enable longer term scientometric monitoring for the growth and expansion of open science and issue an invite to other open science platforms to do the same. This would have particular weight since it has been easy to recognize on this forum the signficance of international contributors who have added to the US-UK 50% bar in figure 3

Depending on the length of the article and with additional material, this report may be suitable as a regular contribution to Science rather than a letter.
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