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Originally Posted by genericforms View Post
I think we should frame Figure 1 as a summary of the community. The community is made of (A) authors who contribute posts and threads and (B) readers who benefit from the contributions.

We can comment that we are not confident whether the contributor breakdown mirrors the readership breakdown.
Perhaps this can be addressed as best as possible by looking at

1. the total number of registered forum members
2. the number of readers by way of Google Analytics info.

I have noticed that most times when I log on to the forum, there are many more unregistered/unlogged in readers than members participating during that time. I've always wondered why and if there are really that many "unofficial" readers of the forum. But it would be good to show the numbers which can suggest that useful information posted is being re-read by many, many others. This could support even more thoughtful and complete questions and posts.
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