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Originally Posted by scbaker View Post
I can't comment on the IP issues (there seems to be so much nanopore IP out there, I don't know how they all keep it straight), but what Genia claims to have over other nanopore companies is their expertise in using analog-to-digital sensors directly on integrated circuits. They say it gives them control over the creation of lipid bilayers, the addition of the protein nanopore, and precise control over the movement of the DNA molecules (back and forth through the pore for multiple reads). They also claim to be able to ramp up to 1M sensors (each with an individual pore) on a 1cm X 1cm chip.

I love what ONT is demonstrating with how their instruments can operate in tandem, but it isn't clear how many independent sensors/pores they'll have per well. Does anyone know?

I've placed what I know about Genia and ONT on BlueSEQ's knowledgebank (along with a dozen other emerging NGS technologies):
No QuantuMDx in your BlueSEQ's knowledgebank?
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