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Default PacBio Library Prep workshop and PacBio SMRT-Portal bootcamp - UC Davis - April 2015

UC Davis Genome Center Workshop on PacBio Sequencing and Data Analysis - April 14th to 16th 2015

With support from Pacific Biosciences, the DNA Technologies and Bioinformatics Cores are offering a sequencing library prep and data analysis workshop on PacBio sequencing – to our knowledge, this might be the first such workshop worldwide. The library preparation portion of the workshop will take place on April 14th and 15th, 2015, in the DNA Technologies Core Facility in the Genome Center (UC Davis). Hands-on data analysis using the PacBio SMRT-Portal will be explored on April 16th.

For more details please see this PAGE.

The library prep portion will cover the complete workflow starting from isolated DNA: sample QC, DNA shearing, library prep steps, library size selection and library QC. Libraries will be generated from genomic DNA samples. The participants will be able to work with their own sample and have the chance to generate a PacBio library, ready to sequence, for their research projects. Further, participants will be introduced to the details of the SMRT sequencing technology and other applications of the technology will be discussed. Participants will gain experience analyzing their PacBio sequencing reads using PacBio’s SMRT Portal software, via virtual machines running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will use both public example data, and reads obtained from the DNA Technologies Core’s PacBio RS II, from libraries created during the workshop. Exercises will focus on running AWS virtual machines, data transfer and import, and assembly and variant finding protocols. Participants should be able to walk away from the workshop capable of analyzing their next PacBio data set independently.

Please find the workshop registration page HERE.


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