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Originally Posted by efoss View Post
I downloaded a file called "dmel-all-exon-r5.41.fasta.gz" from (files -> precomputed files -> Drosophila melanogaster (Dmel) -> dmel-all-exon-r5.41.fasta.gz). The header lines for this fasta file often begin like this:

>CG3428:1 type=exon
>CG3428:2 type=exon
>CG3428:3 type=exon

I see I have exon 1, exon 2 and exon 3 for CG3428. But how am I to interpret something like this:

>CG31523:293728-293566 type=exon

The exon number is a range rather than a single number, so what does this mean?

Thank you.

I think I have figured out the answer to my question - those numbers aren't exon numbers but are instead simply numbers to create unique identifiers.
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