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Originally Posted by SeqAA View Post
I like to tinker as much as anyone, but there is danger in knowing too much. You will break IP's without knowing if you dig too deep.
How so? Accidentally build a sequencing machine or part thereof?

And there's also the likely violation of the 'non-obvious' requirement for patents if you can just accidentally do it as an individual 'power user'.

Originally Posted by SeqAA View Post
There are plenty of people that don't care about IP, but they probably haven't invented anything.
Yum, straw.

Originally Posted by SeqAA View Post
Adapter sequences seems like frivolous information
And how exactly do you distribute a tool for cleaning up the adapters from the sequence data (legally i mean), given their non-distribution policy?

I've asked, and no dice. It's not like i'm trying to sell my own library prep kits. Yet the sequences are available (in the wrong format) from a dozen different sources online.
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