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Default makeblastdb error

Dear all,

I hope you can help. I'm trying to use to create a database to BLAST against. I use the makeblastdb command of:

makeblastdb -in BacMet_PRE.40556.fasta -title PRE -dbtype prot -out PRE -parse_seqids

I got the following result:

Building a new DB, current time: 12/03/2017 00:24:24
New DB name: PRE
New DB title: PRE
Sequence type: Protein
Keep Linkouts: T
Keep MBits: T
Maximum file size: 1000000000B
Adding sequences from FASTA; added 40556 sequences in 1.71942 seconds.

A number of files with PRE.* are produced (PRE.phr PRE.pnd PRE.pog PRE.psi PRE.pni PRE.psd PRE.psq) however, there is no PRE.pal file.

When I attempt to BLAST against the db - I get the following error:

BLAST Database error: Could not find volume or alias file (.pal) referenced in alias file (-).

I really have no idea how to proceed. Have spent hours looking at forums and other sources. I am reasonably new at using UNIX and command line but know enough to get around. Any suggestions please?
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