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Default integer to R,G,B

I'm toying w/ the various heatmap generation programs and find them all far too laborious for what I need. I have a series of locations, and a data value associated with each location. So thats 2 columns for the first experiment, and then an additional column for each additional dataset. Can anyone tell me the best software for doing this? I tried using seqMiner and Mayday and I can't quite get what I want. Mainly, I can't get it to 'tune' the color gradients into a meaningful fashion. Ideally, i'd be able to convert each one of my data points into an r,g,b value; and then have a cell get filled w/ that value. Then i can sort the field based on the value in column1, and just make a tif out of the entire spreadsheet. I can re-size the spreadsheet accordingly to get all the cells in the image. Does anyone know of any easy way to do this?
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