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Originally Posted by WhatsOEver View Post
My information on the sequel so far:
1) Accuracy of >99.999%
Is this a consensus acc from assembly/mapping? As this would be coverage dependent, it is meaningless for me... What about individual read (CCS) accuracy? I know there is something mentioned on the PB website, but I don't really understand their graph
The graph indicates that the more coverage you have, the higher the quality of the self-corrected data (meaning reads corrected by other reads in the same library, not reads corrected by themselves). Last I saw, our RSII was producing 86-87% accurate reads and Sequel was producing 80-83% accurate reads, according to PacBio's software. CCS accuracy simply depends on how long the movie is compared to the insert size; for long insert libraries that you would generate for SV's, you would not yield many useful multi-pass CCS reads.
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