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Originally Posted by jjlin View Post
DISCLAIMER: I work for Zymo

We have options for people who are interested in doing probe-free depletion. Contact and tell them you'd like to try the RiboFree Total RNA Library Kit. We were offering trial sizes and free samples a few months ago.
Interesting. Appears to use a strand-denaturation/hybridization-based normalization to remove/reduce concentrations of highly represented cDNAs. That is, enzymatic digestion of DNA/RNA duplexes that form due to C0t kinetics.

This would make it species agnostic. Specified to work down to 100ng or somewhat below that with extended hybridization times.

Most of the charm of the old Truseq Ribozero-depletion library kits was that although they specified a limited range of species, eg "human/mouse/rats" the probes were very long (not oligos) and so actually seemed to work on any animal. For example they worked on moth RNA in our hands.

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