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Originally Posted by SNPsaurus View Post
What kind of genome are you trying to assemble? I usually go with flye as a first pass (fast, memory efficient) and then Canu if flye underperforms (they seem to trade off which gives a better assembly in our hands). wtdbg2 is fun to try a quick check but I don't think it is as feature complete as flye or canu.
Well, figured it out - was a corrupted file from the download!

Wood Frog Genome - 6 Gbp

Got it working, but it barfs as it wants to fo a 30x coverage and from the RAW reads, it comes up a few thousand short. Would the SEED COVERAGE parameter (in the Advanced tab) be the one I would want to change? From say 30 to 25? (Just to get a rough assembly?) I'm waiting on HiSeq data to do a combined ONT + Pac Bio + HiSeq assembly in CANU.

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