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Originally Posted by maubp View Post
I don't think your message made it to the list. I didn't see it, and it isn't on the archive.

Check you sent the message from the same email address you are subscribed with?

If you send it again, make sure you include important information missing in your post here like the version of BioPerl, the OS, and the full error message - that usually makes it easier to help.
It's down there at the end. If you think it's helpful I'll send again to the list with all those details.

My OS is Ubuntu 8.
BioPerl: I have a global version of bioperl, and I installed the latest version of Assembly::IO into a local directory.
$ perl -MBio::Root::Version -e 'print $Bio::Root::Version::VERSION,"\n"'
$ perl -MBio::SeqIO -e 'printf "%vd\n", Bio::Assembly::IO::ace::VERSION'
Error message after running the perl code (shown in the first post):
Can't call method "get_consensus_sequence" on an undefined value at Bio/Assembly/IO/ line 280, <GEN0> line 93349.
Thank you for helping!
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