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Originally Posted by juelraja View Post
Thanks a lot for your answer pmiguel!

Do you know if this observation is reported in literature? Is this related to zebrafish RNA or do you find similar problems with other samples also?

I don't recall any mention of it in the literature. It is a goofy interaction between Trizol (acid phenol) RNA preps and the Bioanalyzer 2100 expert software.

Actually problems of this sort, Agilent's tech support is pretty good with. They can tell you which parameter you need to alter to get the error to go away.

The other samples I saw this with, did happen to be fish, although not zebrafish. But I really think it is just a matter of the efficiency of the clean-up methodology retaining small RNAs. If it is good, you get giant small RNA peaks.

That said, your small RNA peaks did not look large to me. So, I don't know what the deal was there.

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