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Originally Posted by cement_head View Post
Okay, so you would then type in the IP of the machine running the minKNOW instance and it would be mirrored on your (remote) machine?
Yes you can, which is actually kind of scary. So long as you have a copy of MinKNOW installed on your local computer, and know the IP of a MinION/GridION computer you can connect remotely and have total control of the software, including the ability to kill a run. Absolutely no authentication is required.

We saw this and considered an enormous security hole. Oxford couldn't understand why we were worried about this, because in their mind a person would need to know the IP address (port scans??) and be malicious (have they not met the internet?). Our sysadmin blocked the ports it listens on for external connection. Yes, this does remove the convenience of remote run monitoring but the risk was too great.
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