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Here's how I arrived at the 10% / 5% / 20% / 65% breakdown. It's really a shot in the dark. I make some fairly arbitrary assumptions in certain places (highlighted in red).

-I started by looking at some official Illumina figures.
-Since 2017, about 40% of all their instrument and consumable shipments went to academic labs. This could tell you that 40% of all HiSeq instruments are in academic labs (320 of 800). In the past though (2011), the academic shipment figure was as high as 80%.
-Then I focused on the top two boxes in the 2 x 2 matrix
-Further assume that 50% of those 320 labs have no control over library creation because samples are mailed in by customers. This gives you a total of 160 of 800 labs. This is a super arbitrary percentage I picked, need help here.
-Further assume that 75% of those 160 labs primarily use "Rapid Run" mode. Again, super arbitrary percentage.
-This gives you the 15% (120 of 800) and and 5% (40 of 800) pictured for the top two boxes of the 2 x 2 chart.

-Then I focused on the bottom two boxes in the 2 x 2 matrix
-I assumed that 75% of the remaining labs use "High Output" mode since they have control over library creation.
-This gives you the 20% (160 of 800) and and 60% (4880 of 800) pictured for the bottom two boxes of the 2 x 2 chart.

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