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Originally Posted by Jessica_L View Post
I thought the PGM and the MiSeq were more along the same lines, specs-wise. My thought is the MiniSeq is going to be a low low throughput instrument, sort of like a MiSeq that only ever runs nano and micro kits. But probably two color based, like the NextSeq.

Is there really a big market for these super low throughput machines? Maybe the idea is to compete with digital PCR? A cheap way to do library QC that isn't as expensive as a MiSeq run?
I haven't checked the specs in a while, but I think a MiSeq is more along the lines of a Proton as far as the amount of sequence it produces per run. An Illumina sequencer that costs about what a PGM does and has reagent cost/run in that same region would likely be successful. The problem with the Nano MiSeq reagents is that they produce about 1/10th the amount of sequence (that is fine) but cost about 1/2 as much as the full non-Nano MiSeq reagents (not fine).

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