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First MiniSeq webinar under way.

Single cartridge, RFID encoded.
2-channel SBS, G - uses no dye
Users only need to interact with one well.
Custom seq primers can be used (with other wells).
Everything included (run/analysis) on machine.
Local run manager - Available on local network so can setup/analyze data remotely (on local network)
Data can be streamed to network storage during run just like MiSeq.
Can use BaseSpace (local/cloud).
MiniSeq Control software - to run the sequencer (gets data from local run manager)
High-Output - 25 Million (3 run lengths supported, 2 x 150 max)
Mid-output - 8 million reads only 300 cycles.
Cancer applications - Tumor profiling, Amplicon
TruSeq Targeted RNA assays (human, mouse) - Custom panels, single amplicon per gene
TruSeq Custom Amplicon low input - (2 x 150 runs) - 32 h turn around. 10 ng input (FFPE ok), 6+ hands on time, 16 sample kit, Example data on basespace
PCR Products - sequence via Nextera XT
Datasets in BaseSpace generated using MiniSeq available.

Shortest run - 1 x 36 for microRNA, 4 hr run

Cluster density - ~ 175-200K/mm^2 (60 tiles)

Once run completes, analysis runs automatically (including DE analysis). Lot of "canned" results options for bench scientists.

$550 per run (mid-output 300 cycle kit per @misterc, post #16 below).

MiniSeq scientific challenge to go with the intro :-)

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