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Originally Posted by pmiguel View Post
I haven't checked the specs in a while, but I think a MiSeq is more along the lines of a Proton as far as the amount of sequence it produces per run. An Illumina sequencer that costs about what a PGM does and has reagent cost/run in that same region would likely be successful. The problem with the Nano MiSeq reagents is that they produce about 1/10th the amount of sequence (that is fine) but cost about 1/2 as much as the full non-Nano MiSeq reagents (not fine).

I suppose that makes sense. I always figured that a Proton could go up to 10GB but most MiSeq kits generate around 5, but that's also for 300 cycles. Looking at 500 cycle kits brings the two systems much closer to equivalency.

Also, nothing but agreement about the cost of MiSeq nano kits. We have plenty of applications where a million reads would be great but not when it costs half as much as a full kit.
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