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Default Blue Pippen problems

Is anyone else having problems with Blue Pippen's accuracy? Our error % from all our control DNAs tests range from 3-13%.

One Example:
Tight Setting(250bp)
Bioanalyzer average size (bp) (282bp)
12.8% error

What is an acceptable error rate for the Blue Pippen?

We have been using a 20bp offset for our samples (both amplicon and sheared gDNA) and BP control DNA. (So for a 390bp extraction, we use the 370bp tight setting.) This has been working for a while, but not anymore. We contacted Sage Science, who has been helping us a little, but we are still running through loops. Sage says our BP instrument log files are great and that it could be a cassette issue. They also think that since we are using PCR product, we may have single-stranded DNA that may be interfering with how we visualize peaks on the Bioanalzyer. This may be true but our sheared gDNA does not size accurately either.

Sage Science suggests that, for every new sample type, we run a test run to determine the best setting. Does anyone do this?

What other problems have you seen with the Blue Pippen? Is there a better alternative?
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