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The BBMap package contains a tool for dereplication. It's intended for assembly dereplication, but written so that it works with paired-end fastq reads.

Usage: in=reads.fq out=fixed.fq maxsubs=0 int=t ac=f

If your OS does not process bash shellscripts, you can replace "" with "java -Xmx31g -cp /path/to/current jgi.Dedupe" where 31g should be adjusted to be around 80% of your physical memory.

"maxsubs=0" means that only exact matches are allowed; you can make that number higher if you want. "int=t" is used to indicate that the data is paired and interleaved. If your data is paired and in 2 files, you need to interleave it first: in1=reads1.fq in2=reads2.fq out=interleaved.fq
(or java -Xmx200m -cp /path/to/current jgi.ReformatReads)

Other options are random subsampling to reduce the volume of data, and error-correction to help better detect duplicates. The BBMap package contains an error-correction program (, though the effectiveness depends on the makeup of the metagenomic community and data volume, as it depends on high kmer depth. 30m reads for a real metagenome is pretty small.

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