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Default Bfast query


I was trying to create indices for the reference genome using bfast 0.6.3.c and also trying to convert the reads.

Convert the reference:
bfast-0.6.3c/bfast/bfast fasta2brg -f microbial.fa

The above command airs out with an error and the error file has the following few last lines as output:
In function "RGBinaryRead": Fatal Error[OutOfRange]. Variable/Value: original.
Message: Not a valid base pair.
***** Exiting due to errors *****

Can someone point out as to what might be the problem, i guess it is complaining about an invalid base, X in the sequence. How can i workaround this?

Convert the reads
perl /code/orange/BFAST/bfast-0.6.3c/scripts/

what command line options should I choose to convert a file with the name rna_qseq.txt ?

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