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Default GPU/bioinformatics programmer


As a CUDA Software Engineer for Bioinformatics Libraries, you will bring your deep expertise in bioinformatics algorithms to the CUDA Libraries and Algorithms team as we build world-class high performance libraries targeting bioinformatics applications. Deliverable results include production quality software, prototypes, and patents. You will implement state of the art algorithms, as well as drive to production release via debugging, tuning, testing, and documenting your work. The CUDA Libraries and Algorithms team works closely with other internal engineering teams to specify future hardware and software platforms, and you will have the opportunity to work closely with hardware architects and core engineering teams. From time-to-time, the position my include outreach and collaboration with external partners, speaking at conferences and other events in areas relevant to NVIDIA's business and technology, and collaboration with internal and external researchers on topics of mutual interest.

Candidates for this position should have specialized expertise in theory and implementation of bioinformatics algorithms. This includes Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis pipelines, sequence alignment, read mapping, compression, and biological database search.
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