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Default dwgsim -x command don't work


i want to simulate reads with a Bed-file. I use the -x command but i didn't get any output.

-> Sequence of CHR1 fa-format

FILE test_chr1_exon_1.bed:

[root@radjedef DWGSIM]# cat test_chr1_exon_1.bed
chr1 67000041 67000051 CCDS30744.1_cds_0_0_chr1_67000042_f 0 +

[root@radjedef DWGSIM]# ./dwgsim -N 5 -x test_chr1_exon_1.bed Read
[dwgsim_core] chr1 length: 249250621
[dwgsim_core] 1 sequences, total length: 249250621
[dwgsim_core] Currently on:
[dwgsim_core] 0

thanks a lot!

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