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Originally Posted by guil View Post
Hello everybody,

I camming from "bowtie world" and illumina sequencing...

but now I'm received a ion proton library and I want mapp that reads in a reference genome... I've found that TMAP tool is a better tool than bowtie and soap for ion proton reads...

I've no success in using the mapall algorithm

when I trying a error happens in "tmap_map_opt_check"

probably, there are some options that weren't used... but which one??
the manual didn't show any usefull information about that...

does anybody have a template for tmap mapall default commands?

tmap mapall -f reference.fas -r lib.fastq -s out.sam etc.....

The mapall command requires you to specify the mapping algorithms, so something like:
tmap mapall -f reference.fas -r lib.fastq -s out.sam map1 map2 map3

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