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Default Bowtie2-build error writing to reference index file

I have been trying to make an index file for bowtie2.

What I type is:
bowtie2-build sequence.fasta sequence

Then I get this error:
Output files: "sequence.*.bt2"
Line rate: 6 (line is 64 bytes)
Lines per side: 1 (side is 64 bytes)
Offset rate: 4 (one in 16)
FTable chars: 10
Strings: unpacked
Max bucket size: default
Max bucket size, sqrt multiplier: default
Max bucket size, len divisor: 4
Difference-cover sample period: 1024
Endianness: little
Actual local endianness: little
Sanity checking: disabled
Assertions: disabled
Random seed: 0
Sizeofs: void*:8, int:4, long:8, size_t:8
Input files DNA, FASTA:
Building a SMALL index
Reading reference sizes
Error writing to the reference index file (.4.ebwt)
Time reading reference sizes: 00:00:01
Total time for call to driver() for forward index: 00:00:01
Error: Encountered internal Bowtie 2 exception (#1)
Command: bowtie2-build --wrapper basic-0 sequence.fasta sequence
Deleting "sequence.3.bt2" file written during aborted indexing attempt.
Deleting "sequence.4.bt2" file written during aborted indexing attempt.

If anyone knows what is causing this error help would be greatly appreciated.
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