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Default Advice on how much data output to specify for single Cell RNA seq of human PBMCs?

Hi everyone, I am a novice in to single cell RNA seq and my colleagues and I have sent PBMCs of one patient (before and after treatment) to Novogene for paired-end single cell RNA sequencing. We are interested in obtaining as much biological information as possible from the sequenced PBMCs including sepration of sub-populations, differential expression analysis, gene-gene correlation or covariation, possible discovery of novel cell types.

Novogene has sent us an urgent email asking us how much data to output from the PBMCs and also if we need information about the sequencing saturation (we will be charged more for this). They can output between 12 million bp and 50 million bp. My colleagues and I have searched the internet but cannot find exactly which information to provide to Novogene in this regard. Please can any one help us with some advice? So far all we know is that 30000 reads per cell is suffifient to seprate different populations of PBMCs.Thank you in advance for your kind help.
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