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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Some of the papers from oxford nanopore have already addressed many of those problems, rather than just writing that they are a challenge it would be good to write about how those challenges have already been overcome. The oxford nanopore site has a list of publications you could use.

There is NOTHING there newer than 2010, which is ancient in that field, and all technology papers are generic reviews circa 2007-2008. Exactly which papers on ONT's website explain how they deal with 256 levels in a 20-30 pA range? Or how they form and maintain the lipid bilayer in a massively parallel fashion? And how they plan on scaling it up? And how they keep the nanopore busy to achieve that spectacular AVERAGE read rate they claim? And how exactly does one deal with temperature and vibration when using a USB stick? And whatever happened to the minion (aka the most unfortunately chosen commercial name of all time)? It seems that they let it eat whatever it wants and it got fat :-)

I guess ONT's absence from AGBT 2013 answers a lot of these questions.

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