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Originally Posted by koadman View Post
Thanks for the kind words rskr and good day to you too. I am the author of mauveAligner and progressiveMauve in case you weren't aware.

liftOver is a really useful tool for porting annotations and is what I usually recommend to other people for that purpose. progressiveMauve itself just does alignment, and was never intended to solve the issue of porting annotation across assemblies by itself (though tools based on genome alignment are an effective way to do that).

If you have specific and constructive comments or questions about the Mauve GUI (implemented in Java) or the command-line tools (written in C++) please do share and I will try to respond, but silly flames are not appreciated.
i am trying to align 5 bacterial genome using Progressive MAUVE, i got the output, now i would like to create a phylogenetic tree for the alignement, so which software should i use for phylogenetic tree, and which output file of MAUVE should use ?

Best !
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