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Default Problems with display in IGV

Hello everybody,
I hope this is not off topic, I'm new in this forum.
I have installed IGV 2.0.34 on two Windows computers, one 32bit Vista
and another Windows7 64bit with graphics accelerator. IGV loads
normally in both machines. I can open and see .bam files with no
problem on the 32bit machine, but when I try to open the exact same
files in the 64bit W7 it appears to open the file, but I can't see the
reads or any other of the tracks. When I pass the mouse over the
screen it gives me the read data, but I can't see the grey bars, nor
the bases. Furthermore, the pop up read information doesn't dissapear.
It would appear it is only a display problem, but I have tried several
approaches but to no avail, including:
- Checking that Java is updated.
- Zooming in and out of the window.
- Selecting large, medium and small genome regions.
- Changing the screen resolution to all possible values.
- Changing the display from 32 to 16 bit color.
- Disabling the graphics accelerator.
Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas on what else to try?
Thank you very much for your help.
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