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Lightbulb running CEGMA VM

I used CEGMA VM on windows 7 Operating system. I used virtual box for VM and followed steps as in:

CEGMA did run successfully, but it does not produce the completeness report, I paste below the last commands from CEGMA


evaluating results and comaring to set of 248 highly conserved CEGS

running:completness local_self.hmm_select.aln /opt/CEGMA_v2.5/data/completeness_cutoff.tbl>output.completeness_report
use of uninitialized value in division (/) at /opt/CEGMA_v2.5/bin/completeness line 252


I understand some error in perl code ( of CEGMA. How to fix this?. Does intializing the value fix the this issue?

Any suggestion.
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