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Open source code with multiple developers does tend to have better documentation, by necessity.On the flip side, single person projects don't have the time or necessity to documenting everything. Thus, larger teams encourage better code both because they have more manpower to devote to documentation and because they have the need for better documentation.

It's no surprise that Picard is well documented: It's open source, it's well funded, and used/worked on by a lot of people. [Edit: I don't actually know that it's well funded - I've just always thought it was because I know it has several developers working on it concurrently.]

The recipe for good documentation is to fund software projects so that more people work on them, which means documentation goes from being optional to being required, and the resources exist to do it well. As long as the funds aren't there, you'll get single developer software, which doesn't require the same documentation and the developer probably doesn't have the time to devote to it anyhow.
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