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Originally Posted by Heisman View Post
I've done that.

One feature I've seen at other forums is that there is a time limit for how long after creating a thread that it can be deleted (ie, 4 hours). Not sure if that's possible to set up but that would maybe give the best of both worlds. Something to consider.
Originally Posted by pmiguel View Post
If someone has replied to a post, I don't think the thread should be deletable.

Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
How about being able to delete a specific "post" (that you own) in a thread. I do not think that is possible currently.
I agree with all of these. I just enabled that for the "Registered Members" usergroup (means you have successfully posted X times without tripping the spam filter). Try it out under the "Edit" button in the lower right of your post.

You will NOT be able to delete your own threads, as I don't see a restriction like pmiguel suggested...I'm still reading about mods that might enable that.

Thanks guys. Feedback is helpful.
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