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Default Load massive data sets with Geneious Pro 5.4!

Got 200 million reads, but only a laptop? No problem! Sizeable sequence lists and assemblies now load almost instantly and take up almost no memory in Geneious Pro 5.4. You can now load massive data sets in less than a second on a computer with less than 1GB of RAM allocated to Geneious. Geneious Pro 5.4 is available to download now!

Want to see the new features of Geneious Pro 5.4 in action without downloading it? Sit back, relax and enjoy our 3-minute What's New Video

What's New?
  • Predict genes with Glimmer: Glimmer, a gene prediction tool developed at TIGR to annotate the complete genomes for hundreds of bacterial species is perfect for finding genes in microbial DNA, the genomes of bacteria, archaea, and viruses.
  • BLAST huge numbers of sequences: Two new options in our Sequence Search interface allow batching significantly more search queries. Save just the query-centric alignments to get greater memory efficiency, or use 'binning' to sort large numbers of sequences according to database match.
  • Multi-site gateway cloning: The Geneious gateway cloning interface has been upgraded to work for multi-site cloning. Set up the appropriate attB sites on up to four inserts and perform BP and LR reactions on all sequences simultaneously.
  • Organize your folders with colors!
  • Select multiple folders to move, delete or view
  • BAM and BED format import/export
  • Codon usage statistics
  • For the full list see What's New in Geneious Pro 5.4
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