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Default Spiking phiX into multiplexed libraries as well as barcode sequences

Hi all, I have a two part question:

I am wondering if anyone here has tried spiking phiX into their multiplexed library samples? I heard from a couple people (as well as an Illumina rep) that this is a good way to ensure good base distribution to help with the cluster separation and identification that occurs for the 1st two bases (1st four if you have the new pipeline.

I am also wondering if anyone is multiplexing on a regular basis and has a good method for designing their barcodes? I have read all the prior posts on barcoding but the Cronn and Craig papers are almost 2 years old so I just thought I'd see if people were doing anything else to ensure good base distribution as well as avoiding any issues that might occur with mismatches.

To give you a little background we're looking to multiplex Chip-Seq samples, about 10 samples per multiplexed lane.


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