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Hi Brain,

Thank you for your kindly help! I have run the bash, and the obtained result is a statistic file (aqhist). Can I get the qualities of each CCS reads as follwing example?

>m150911_033912_42177R_c100856912550000001823190901241657_s1_p0/8/ccs avg score: 41.978088
>m150911_033912_42177R_c100856912550000001823190901241657_s1_p0/15/ccs avg score: 29.492865
>m150911_033912_42177R_c100856912550000001823190901241657_s1_p0/16/ccs avg score: 41.947678

By the way, as for the pass times of each CCS read, can I estimate them by using the length of subreads/length of CCS reads?

Thank you very much!

Michael You
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