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Default NEBnext versus Ion Plus Fragment Library kit

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and also new to NGS. Recently, we were donated an Ion PGM with an OT2 set-up. I run a teaching lab (, and I'm exploring ways to incorporate NGS both into our graduate lab course, our workshops, as well as possible citizen science programming with high school kids.

As a result, our first task is just to set up a decent workflow where we can robustly get data to look at (i.e. our benchmarks are markedly lower as we are not getting "research" relevant data per se and we need to be wary of costs generally). One of our first possible experiments, is to just sequence a small genome using 314 chips (possibly even the e.coli genomic control that is supplied with many of the kits). Here, I see that the Ion Plus kits offered by thermofisher seem to fit the bill, but I also noticed that NEB offers a similar kit but at a greatly reduced cost.

Anyway, I'm wondering why the big difference? And has anyone used the NEBnext kits and found them lacking (and hence I should stick with the more expensive PGMs own line of library prep kits)?

Any help is appreciated!

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