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Originally Posted by nucacidhunter View Post
I wonder if you have any knowledge of its output and you know that it actually can do what you are expecting. I could not find any specification for the machine. PacBio web site claims its output is around 370k (10x of RSII) with no mention of quality or read length (important features for lots of potential users) and no data to back up the claim.
I don't really have any information I can believe on this machine. I just have hope. I am sort of just assuming it is better than the previous machine. Cuz...well...why would they make it worse? But...maybe it is worse. If so, then I will have to wait til someone comes out with a device that can handle long reads. I'll just focus on refining our protocol for smaller reads in the meantime. And I'll work on a better CUDA implementation for these smaller reads.

Or maybe I'll pay more attention to Oxford. I don't have a machine. I have actually never seen one or even really spoken with a lab that is testing it.

I am hoping that the first chip upgrade comes out soon after the machine is in real production. That seems to be what they are saying. But you never know. I thought we would meet our own internal timelines but we were way off. Timelines seem to be based off of hope quite often (especially our's).
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