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I don't understand, you get empty fna files and ace files with many '*' contigs for all these assemblies?
I am not sure, but what I would be more interested in is how correct the contigs are between assemblies using sff and fasta files. if you do this for a known genome (e.g. E. coli) what do you find?
I will do that.

Edit: Both alignments on sff and fasta have been proceeded on E.coli, both gave ace and fna files full of contigs. But I won't look after the best method (fasta or sff) for alignment : the main question here is why ?
Sometimes we have nothing (ace fulled of "*", fna files empty) with the sff while we have something (ace and fna files have contigs) when starting with a fasta ?

We're getting contact with Roche...

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