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Default 23andme raw Illumina intensity reads

Has anyone been able to get the raw Illumina reads from 23andme?

I have asked repeatedly about this and just get a runaround answer. Are we not entitled to the raw data to do our own analysis, instead of just getting their list of genotype calls?

As FDA looks into regulating the DTC genotyping sector, I am advocating that the vendors be required to release the raw data to the subject.

What do you think?

- Ron
Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Southern Illinois University. Subject of the Personal Genomes Project with CGI genome sequencing, funded by a university seed grant. Annotated human and mouse genomes at the Washington University (St. Louis) GSC during Bob Waterston's tenure. Worked in nematode gene discovery at Divergence, Inc. Recent NSF grant in yeast recombinant genetics. Teach pharmacogenomics, human genomics and pharmaceutical biotechnology.
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