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Not considering a Zephyr from PerkinElmer?

We have FXp, Sciclones and STAR platforms, although only the former two are doing NGS library prep. We have a suite of PE platforms (Sciclones, NGS Express and Zephyr). To be honest if you're not doing anything unusual the Zephyr will be a good bet. FXp looks a bit like overkill as does the NGS STAR for your kind of throughput - and will take up a lot more lab real-estate than a Zephyr.

Just check all your applications are supported/validated on whatever platform you buy. The Bravo always looks a bit limiting to me compared to a more generalised platform. I've had access to one in the past for SureSelect, but I do wonder how responsive Agilent would be if you want to do other capture applications on there..

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