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Sorry, we might have missed the earlier post. Please do consider Ion Community for those kinds of requests as well - there are team members monitoring the various spaces who are dedicated to responding. We do value the great resource that SEQanswers is as well and try to respond where we can here as well!

Yes, that is correct. It is easiest starting from so-called WELLS files. The guidance in the Torrent Suite Administration Guide found on Ion Community should provide helpful information. Outside of that, the best course is to speak with a local Field Bioinformatics Scientist.

Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
Thanks for those links. I will have to look into getting the software.

Curiously when this topic had come up locally no one from Life Tech said anything about the availability of the software on github (which was the origin of my comment above).

Is it possible to grab a folder of raw data from the proton/PGM and analyze it offline using a separate TS install?
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