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Default AIRô DNA Sample Prep Kits Now Available for Illumina-Compatible Sequencing Libraries

Bioo Scientific has expanded its line of kits for next generation sequencing sample preparation with the introduction of the AIR™ Genomic and AIR™ Paired-End DNA Sequencing Kits, designed for use with the llumina GAII and HiSeq 2000 sequencers. These kits offer flexible, cost-effective, single day sample preparation protocols.

It has become obvious that the use of the same preparatory methods to identify and quantify rare sequences and perform large scale comparative evolutionary studies is not ideal and that there are clear advantages for particular applications over others. Bioo Scientific has improved library preparation to help researchers meet the challenges of NGS research. The AIR™ DNA sequencing kits include a series of coordinated reactions designed to maximize ligation yield while not compromising on efficiency. These improvements now allow scientists to prepare libraries from as little as 50 ng of isolated genomic DNA; a crucial advance when sequencing clinical, environmental or forensic samples that are often irreplaceable.

The AIR Genomic DNA and AIR Paired-End DNA Sequencing kits are the latest additions to Bioo Scientific’s portfolio of next generation sequencing solutions. The company recently announced the introduction of the AIR™ Small RNA Sequencing kit, designed to offer increased sensitivity, flexibility and speed to the preparation of Illumina-compatible small RNA sequencing libraries. These kits demonstrate Bioo Scientific’s commitment to developing innovative solutions to simplify and reduce the costs of next generation sequencing.

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