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dan, I cannot edit the "". Is it a special page that requires further permission?

I think "Biological method" can be sub-divided to "Analysis type" and "Algorithms"

Anyway, defining the scope

1> Langauge: Programming language
2> Operating system: OS that package runs on
3> Is the software maintained?: Maintenance status
4> Technology: High throughput sequencing technologies
5> Analysis type (the task done by the package): Read mapping, alignments, peak calling, Denovo assembly....
6> Algorithms (by how the package do the things): such as Burrows-Wheeler or De Bruijn graph, Maximum Likehood, suffix array
7> Domain: I think I will broadly classify it as a BIG picture of the software. For example, the GATK pipeline should be classified as Genome. Other tags includes, Transcriptomics, Chip-Seq, certainly there can be a little bit sub-categorization, but not deep down to the task done, otherwise it will overlap with 5>
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