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disclaimer I work at CLC bio


I was wondering if you have tried to contact yet? Or you can reach us at (617)-444-8765. It could be a result that your VMoptions where not adjust correctly by the installer. If you go to the directory for the CLCGenomicsWB3 and show hidden, then you will see the .vmoption file, open this in notepad, there will be a line that looks like the following -Xmx####, where # = the number of mb allocated to the application (an example Xmx1024, means you have 1 gb of RAM allocated to the application)

The second possibility you downloaded the 32 bit version of the application and not the 64 bit, this would result in very slow response time since, a 32 bit application can only request 2gb of ram)

Again if you would like some help with this contact our support team or myself directly.

Shawn M Prince
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