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Default Question on multiplexing - long reads

Hi All

So I have 2-3 number of 2MB bacterial genome and two plasmids of 17 kb each length. I am looking at the feasilbility of multiplexing them in a single SMRT or MinIon flow cell. Has anyone ever multiplexed plasmids with genomic DNA?

Also, if you look at the data requirement, I would like say 1000x for both but then for PacBio they suggest you start with equal amounts of DNA for shearing. That will probably mean that I will get 1000x of bacterial genome and maybe 10000x of plasmid sequence which I do not want .

Same goes for MinIon multiplexing.

In Illumina you could do your adjustments for data requirement when you dilute your sequencing pools. Is the same possible here and has anyone tried?

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